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Elmar Bergrath

Rauchenauel 4

52152 Simmerath-Dedenborn

Tel.: +49 (0)2473 937 6271

mob.: +49 (0)170 549 2892



Engineer Consulting

Specification, integration and layout for specialty bearings and bearing systems, in particular hybrid and ceramic bearings, in critical environments and sophisticated applications

Assistance in sourcing suitable products and suppliers for your application in close partnership with selected manufacturers

Bearing manufacturing

Made in Germany

Certified according to DIN ISO 9001

Specialty bearings in size range from 2 mm-1.600 mm

Special materials and designs

Hybrid bearings

Ceramic bearings

Ultra Precision Machining of High Performance Plastics

Made in Germany

Ultra high precision CNC machining of high performance plastics like PEEK, PFA, PCTFE, PI, PAI and much else

Turning, milling, welding, extruding, coating

Prototype and series – complete solutions and sub-assemblies

Mechanical Engineering

Made in Germany

Development and manufacturing of special purpose machinery

Essential know how for the global acting wire processing industry

Classic mechanical engineering and manufacturing

Specialization on prototypes an small series

Engineering Services

Invented in Germany

Creative engineering solutions for mechanical components

Specialists for development, calculation, design and simulation

Close collaboration with project partner

Support in design, materials, metrology, fatigue life calc., simulation and manufacturing process